Welcome to the official Beyond A Dream band website.


Beyond A Dream is a fusion of rock, jazz, folk, blues,reggae & world music and their music embraces the free spirit and sound of the 60’s and the “Summer of Love” in a new and exciting way.

featuring the musical artistry of
David Blonski, Andy Lagomarsino & Dave Faria



What would the 60’s have been without a protest song or two…
Here’s our take on that… no matter what side of the fence your on it seems that intolerance reigns supreme and unless we start working together we’re all going to suffer…



Beyond A Dream Concert Video from last Spring…

Go to our “Member Area” to download a demo of our first released single!

David & Andy of Beyond A Dream are busy arranging songs, old and new into a 2 hour set of original music combined with a good deal of visual wizardry using
lighting and video projections.

The great news is that we’ve begun working on the final mixes on our first Beyond A Dream album.  We’ve decided to go with a “Live & Raw” format relying on live tracks recorded as a band in Andy’s practice studio with minimal overdubs or post production so as to better represent what we sound like live as a three piece band.  We’ll post links to the songs we’ve completed very soon in the “member area” of this site.

 Beyond A Dream Band photos, audio recordings & videos will continue to be uploaded along with bios, a performance schedule, band member discographies & blogs and other pertinent band information

For further information on Beyond A Dream contact David Blonski at david(at)timelessproductions.com
or call… 530-333-1335.  Andy Lagomarsino can be reached at laptopcoyote(at)gmail.com or 530-621-3959

5 Responses to Welcome to the official Beyond A Dream band website.

  1. Joe Newberry says:

    Are you coming to Southern Cal. ?

    • David B says:

      Hey Joe… how nice to here from you. At some point in time I would certainly hope that we’ll be touring the entire west coast and beyond but right now we are still in the preparation stages with working in a new drummer and we’re still looking for a 4th member to round out the band along with a support crew to help us out on the road. We hope to be ready to perform by the end of summer or the fall. Finding our audience and finding gigs to book will be the real challenge.

  2. don seppa says:

    great sounds!
    Schedule us in Sonoma County. Lots of good venues and appreciative listeners. and a good place to stay with us. Good work!

  3. Bobbie Jo Vann says:

    Love your demo. Loved the concert in George Town last month. Hope to see you again soon.

  4. Sounds cool! Wish you the best.

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