Beyond A Dream’s first Photo Shoot

We have been quite fortunate to come across a talented local photographer, Frank Bevans (, who has agreed to work with us and help us create a catalog of band images and perhaps album covers and music video’s.  Here is a photo gallery of some of our favorite images from our first shoot with Frank.  Photos were taken in David Blonski’s back patio space on a Sunday the morning in August of 2016.

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Beyond A Dream promotional flyer BAD-poster01
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About David B

David began his professional music career in 1983 with the recording of his first album... "Timeless Flight" a "new age" classic. He established his independent record label, Timeless Productions in 1986 and has released 24 CD projects and sold more than 500,000 copies of his recordings. Beyond A Dream is litterally a dream come true for David as he enters the world of Pop Music for the first time with his musical partner, Andy Lagomarsino.
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