Member Area

This will be an area where fans can log in to become members and receive free downloads and special offers on merch’.  Anyone participating as part of the “Dream Team” will have access to the band with back stage passes, pre-event meet & greets and after-party invites and much more.

More info on this will be posted later.

For now… here’s a few demo tracks we’ve been working on to promote Beyond A Dream.  If you’d like us to perform in your area, share these links with the management of your favorite live music venues.  Thanks for being part of the team!…

…Every Now and Then…

…Heart Song


…Smile for Me

…What The Hell

…Are You The One

….Hey, here’s an early full length demo of our song, “Smile for Me”
Download Now

2 Responses to Member Area

  1. Susan Whittington says:

    Sounding good David. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bobbie Jo Vann says:

    Sounds wonderful

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